Aqua Lungs. Black & Neon Green Knee High Stockings. Black & Neon Striped Toe & Stainless Steel Spiked Counter Heels.

Night Breeder

Night Breeder. Buckle & Strap heels. Inspired by Pleaser.

Colonial Coroner

Colonial Coroner. Spider web net-Knit knee socks. Lace trimmed, Emerald Monster Cameo, silk ribboned shoes with Velvet & Lace platform and heel.

Sugar Spun Web

Sugar Spun Web. Black & White Knee high socks with embroidered sugar skull. Black booties with striped platform and heel.

Ivy Interior

Ivy Interior. Neon Green, Red & Black Leopard print platforms. Green Turkey feather skirt. Inspired by The Cramps.

Skelitone Plague

Skelitone Plague. Black & Neon green platforms.

Severe Psychotic Breaks

Severe Psychotic Breaks. Neon green thigh high stocks. Black & purple heels with monogram front and Neon green outersole.

Vampire Bat

Chiffon skirt with gather detail. Garter belt with metal rose-shaped closure and lace trimmed elastic. Lace applique thigh high stockings. Black and purple booties with Bat-shaped detail.


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