Strychnine. Inspired by the Cramps cover, original by the Sonics.











Fabergé. Knit Tights. Inspired by the Eggs.

Celtic Catherdral

Celtic Catherdral. Knit Tights.

Medievil Tides

Medieval Tides. Knit Tights.

A Tender Wave

A Tender Wave. Knit Tights. Ribbon Heels.

Medical Grade

Medical Grade. Latex Bullet brassiere. Latex High Waist Garter Belt. Inspired by Sharon Needles.

Riviera Easter Egg Special

Riviera Easter Egg Special. Angora & Wool Blend Printed Tights.

American Butterfly

American Butterfly. Knit Tights. Bow heels.


Burlesque. Waist-cinching open skirt. Knit Tights. T Strap Heels.


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