Sweeney Toddy. Top with 3 Striped Bows. Screendoor Vinyl Net Skirt. Neon Green High Waist Underwear.

NewMadeNewMade. La Belle EpoqueLa Belle Epoque. Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank.trompe l'oeilTrompe L’oeil.


CuteOnesCute Ones. Kossack Blouse. High Waist Buttoned Skirt. Detached Leather Belted, Ruffled & Striped Skirt.


Emerald. Hunting

Hunting. Working Girl

Working Girl. Inspired by the Towns’ Women from “Edward Scissorhands” & Vida from “To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”.










Sailor Dapper








Sailor Dapper.


Dabblin. Silk Top. Striped Skirt. Inspired by Sharon Needles.

Gettin In or OffGettin In or Off? Chiffon top. High Waist Striped Jeans.


Vamp Elvira. Grey Chiffon Dress with Striped Torso & Buttons.


Skin Flick. Web Lace & Fishnet Corset.

A Dangerous Game

A Dangerous Game. Black & Purple Tailored Blouse. High Waist Purple Print & Stripe Jeans.

Drag Race

Drag Race. Black Swing Dress with Neon Green Collar, Cuffs & Belt.

A Terrible Game

A Terrible Game. Purple Jacket with Asymmetrical Green Buttons. Black & Purple Skirt.


Flamingus. Neon Green Dress with Neon Pink Flamingo Print Bodice & Collar.


Nauticus. Sleeveless Striped Dress with Anchor-shaped Closure Belt.

Striped Cashmere Cardigan

Letterman. Striped Cashmere Cardigan.

12 Step Rebel

Graveyard Rockin. Green Leopard Corset with Green Spiked Belt. Green Ribbon Closure Garter Belt. Ruffled Green & Black Thigh High Stockings. Inspired by the “Banshee’s Wail” by 12 Step Rebels.


CryBaby. Neon Green & Pink Halter Dress. Inspired by “Cry-Baby” & Spark Phillips.


No Name. Spiked Epaulette Moto Jacket. Spiked belt. High Waist Cut-off Jeans with Garter Belt. Black & Purple Thigh High Stockings.

Gyrosphinx  GyroSphinx. Aqua Neon Green Striped Dress.


Bird. Leather & Wool Waist Cincher with Golden Buttons & Tweed Skirt. Chevron Print Tights.

Schiaperelli Swanson

Jewelled Headpiece & Earrings. Jewelled & Sequined Silk Scarf & Velvet Top. Chiffon Opera Gloves. Inspired by Gloria Swanson & Elsa Schiaparelli.


MeatSticks. High Waist Studded & Strappy Hotpants.

Hathaway Newmar

Hathaway Newmar. Grey mesh & Black Shantung Asymmetrical Button Dress. Inspired by Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Julie Newmar as Catwoman & “To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”.

PlacquardAnother Crinoline Skirt

Placquard. Tulle & Organza Full Crinoline Skirts.

Showgirl Ice Goddess

Showgirl Ice Goddess. Jewelled Skirt. Jewelled Garter belt. Jewelled Heels.

SilkGloves SilkPurses and Macaroons

Silk Gloves, Silk Purses & Macaroons. Silk Blouse & Jewelled Corset. Inspired by Marie Antoinette.

When She Lights Up

When She Lights Up. Neon Green Tulle & Organza Full Crinoline Skirt.

Swell Ice

Swell Ice. Jeweled chiffon blouse. Full Tulle skirt. Inspired by Gothic Lolitas.

Leider Harness

Leider Harness. Open Chest Blouse with Hook and Eye closure. Braces and Striped High Waist skirt.

Untitled2013 Untitled2

English Country Night & Day.

Top: Black waist cincher and mock garter belt skirt.

Bottom: Leather waist cincher with Belt & Lock, inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier. Garter belt and Herringbone skirt. Green printed tights.


Anti Viral. Skull, Rose & Swallow lace skirt. Lace applique knee high stockings with Brooch-ruffle elastic top. Spider web heels with ankle bow.

Flor Y Grande

Flor Y Grande. Silk swing dress with large bow and Skull Coffin Brooch.


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