Flamingos and San Pedro


2013-06-21 17.57.39From Roxy.


2013-07-04 15.21.02From Icing.


2013-07-21 16.41.55Chandelier Wall. Guess where.


2013-07-23 10.26.08From the Denver Airport, rhinestone everything.


2013-07-24 13.28.57Zombie Face Leggings at the Northridge Hot Topic!


2013-07-24 17.41.40Sugarskulls at the Northridge Farmer’s Market.


2013-07-26 16.52.50Next to the Hollywood Hard Rock, one of the Sweet Shops carried Pin-up Mints in Tins.


2013-07-27 09.23.08-1In San Pedro, an amazing rhinestone Unicorn hid in a costume jewelry shop.


2013-07-31 13.04.11At the Getty Museum, there was ‘A Regatta on the Grand Canal in Honor of Frederick IV, King of Denmark’. From Luca Carlevarijs.


2013-07-31 14.50.51At one of the Getty Museum Shops, Rebecca Glass clocks and compasses.


2013-07-31 20.19.49Holographirific Change Purse at Urban Outfitters, at the Tapanga Westfield.

2013-07-31 20.54.33Also at Tapanga.


2013-08-01 15.09.51

Iguana Vintage Clothing, Superb collection. On Ventura Blvd.


2013-08-02 18.11.35

Holographirous Pile of Saddle shoes, at H&M? Someone tell me where these are from…


2013-08-02 18.16.12

At PacSun, in Camarillo.

2013-08-04 16.18.46Excellent visual display of vvvvvintage machines at a clothing store, somewhere next to Palm Springs.

2013-08-04 17.40.12At PacSun, also somewhere next to Palm Springs. And some Base for your Ace


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