Anti Viral


Anti Viral. Neon Green Skull, Rose & Swallow Lace Skirt. Lace Applique Knee High Stockings With Brooch-Ruffle Elastic Top. Spider Web Heels with Ankle Bow.

Here’s one of many gems by Demented Are Go:



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4 responses to “Anti Viral

  1. I like your drawings … you are very talented. If you ever create any of these and need images made of them, I would like to do something for you. That is, if you live in the panhandle of northwest Florida or within several hundred miles of Pensacola. Thanks for going on my blog also. I also have a post of some hats made from Eastern Airline models. Just search something like “airplane hats” or “fashion show” and they should pop-up. Who knows, you might get some inspiration … not that you need it judging from how well you draw! Thanks again and I look forward from hearing from you … Frank

    • Thanks a lot Frank! I am in Canada, but thanks for letting me know dude, your photos are beautiful:) I will definitely be looking into those Eastern Airline hats!

      • MJ … Thanks for the response. You have a lot talent and should definitely stay with your drawing. Please check back periodically … I do not update my own personal photo blog as often as I should. I do not have a web site for my photography business currently, and I need to work on getting another going. I use a site on Zenfolio to sell some of these prints and some other things. It is . All comments are appreciated. Thanks again … Frank

      • Checked out your site, Excellent photos from Ireland and absolutely love the John Wayne/ Liberace captures man. Swell!

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